Del Monaco Luxury

Your safe harbor in a sea of choices!

What happens when two sisters, united in life and work, decide to open a business where creativity, stimuli and ideas blossom every day? Del Monaco Luxury is born, the online boutique devoted to personalized linen for the home and boats.

AAt Del Monaco’s, love for beautiful things is a family tradition: this is how Diana and Maria Laura, the owners, transformed their vocation into a lifestyle and a profession. Immersed from an early age in a creative atmosphere thanks to their mother, an artist and painter, over the years the two sisters have cultivated a great passion for everything related to furniture; a passion that in 1999 led them to open their shop, À la Page, a boutique devoted to interior design, household items and personalized handmade linens.

Today, their experience has arrived online with the same goal as always: to convey a philosophy, a dream. In one word, beauty.