Choosing the linen for your boat can sometimes be more difficult than choosing it for your home. In fact, there is a lot to think about: sheets, pillows, towels ... and for each of these you have to decide on fabrics, embroidery and colors.

It is not easy to create a harmonious and coordinated set, especially if you want to have a certain freedom of choice regarding customization. Maybe we need something custom-made because we have a bed or a table with a particular shape; or we simply want a set of matching linens with the name of our boat or our personal initials. One thing is certain: what you do need is boat linens and accessories that last and go together well.

Take a look at our linens for boats and yachts and our nautical-themed accessories: we have a lot of things that are just the thing for you! Bedroom linens - for a perfectly matching cabin - bathroom linens, table linens and so many accessories: all in the size you need and that can be customized with your own choice of embroidery!

You design them. We make them

Follow these three simple steps and immediately order the customized product with your name or the logo of your boat

1. Choose a product from our categories

2. Add your name or the name of your boat

3. Add the logo

Customized sizes

Haven't you found the right size for your needs? No problem!

Contact us at, tell us the product you want and the sizes you need and we will make it in the sizes you have indicated.