Caring for the linen

Tips to keep your linen as perfect as it was on the first day


Always separate the linen by fiber and color! It is also important to always check the washing instructions, which can be found on the label.

Some pieces such as pillow cases are best washed inside out. We recommend you place the most delicate linens inside a mesh bag, in order to protect them during washing and prevent them from wearing out.

As soon as washing cycle has finished, immediately remove the products from the machine and hang them out carefully: this will prevent creases. Furthermore, colored laundry will not risk becoming discolored or staining other items.

The waffle weave fabric has the characteristic of being like an "accordion", that is, it shrinks during washing: it will resume its normal size when ironed.

Washing whites
Recommended temperature: 50°

Washing colors
Recommended temperature: 30/40°

Use a mild-neutral liquid, bleach-free detergent.


In order to prevent creases, hang the sheets trying to extend them out as much as possible. Also beware of the sun's rays! Avoid hanging items in direct light: colors may fade and whites may yellow.


Linen and cotton can be ironed with a steam iron, even at high temperatures. If necessary, spray the fabric with a little water.

If the piece has embroidery, it is best to iron it inside out.

Avoid ironing terry cloth: it will stay softer!