Bathroom Linen

A soft embrace

Who said that the smallest room in the house cannot be the most refined?

Find out about all our bathroom towels: you will find numerous sets of towels made of soft terry cloth, washcloths to match the towels, soft terry mats to place in front of the sink or shower, and finally our terry and waffle weave bathrobes, with edges in linen, cotton and trimmings.

Cotton terry cloth is soft and absorbent, very resistant and pleasant to the touch. The waffle weave fabric, on the other hand, makes the bathrobe very light and practical because it takes up less space: that is why it is ideal for sports enthusiasts and travel lovers who have little space in their suitcase. The waffle weave bathrobes also dry very quickly, making them perfect for boats, where there is a lot of humidity.

All bathroom linens are suitable for both home and boats. We can create custom-made linens in a perfectly coordinated style and personalize them with embroidery, logos and initials.

All our linens are Made in Italy and are created by Italian artisans with environmentally-friendly materials.