Bed Linen

For sweet dreaming

The bedroom should always be a warm and welcoming place, capable of communicating a sense of relaxation. Here you will find everything you need to give the right atmosphere to your room and give you a pleasant rest: Find out about our sheets and pillowcases, all of which can be personalized with the initials and embroideries of your choice.

With the technical drawings of your yacht, we can make sheets for beds of all sizes, including round beds, small beds and so on: for each boat a custom-made solution!

Choose the material that is most suitable to you: linen, very light and breathable, which allows excellent circulation of air; or percale, a fine and comfortable cotton fabric made with thin, very light threads. Its texture is compact but very soft and light, perfect for giving you relief on very hot nights.

The bed linen is suitable for both home and boats.

All our bed linen is Made in Italy and is created by Italian artisans with environmentally-friendly materials.